2025 High School Senior Sessions


 It's finally here. You're a senior. Last year of high school,

time for making tons of plans and memories.


Resist the urge to fast-forward through your senior year

(which doesn't work anyway) and enjoy it - YOU style. 


Speaking of YOU, that's the entire focus of your senior portrait session. 

Toss the rules and stereotypes out the window.

Let's get creative. Outfits, locations, style, & details all help tell your story.


I'll definitely make sure to take several photos that meet your school's yearbook requirements. But, we'll take lots of other fun photos too.


Sessions are NOT based on time.  We're going to go out and take some photos and have a good time. We'll take as long as it takes to get some awesome senior photos.

So... Bring a prop, bring a friend, DEFINITELY bring your AWESOME.